ROYGBIV game.pngRussian dev Andrei Mishanin's Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain (ROYGBIV, for short) is a game of at least three parts: growing trees to help raise your rainbow-arranged platforms, protecting the platforms from falling, and rearranging the platforms when a "mismatch" occurs.

The main goal in ROYGBIV is growing the platforms to achieve a certain height, and the trees that you plant on the base help the platforms grow. You can also plant turrets to protect areas you may want to be well guarded. You can remove and replace turrets and trees on other platforms that you want to grow later on, too.

You start with only a single tree seed during the first 60-second peace phase; you must engage in combat to collect coins to purchase more upgrades. The enemies' invasion also lasts for 60 seconds. These enemies can not only do you harm, but their mere presence adds weight to the platforms, which will fall when overburdened.

If a piece falls off, you can end your game if you fall off, too. The piece will respawn in 7 seconds as a different color, causing a mismatch in the ROYGBIV scheme. Growth of all platforms stops until the ROYGBIV order is restored by swaping out the platform color palettes.

What happens when you the platforms to a certain height? I could spoil it for you, but see for yourself! If you're hesitant to try, this is how the game starts:

ROYGBIV was created for the "limited color palette" themed 64 Digits Spring Competition, and development for the event ends April 30th. Those who are following Andrei's work will be happy to know he is now focusing on the "phobias" themed Russian Games Jam Gamm, exploring "something new, without shooting," he told me.

[Play ROYGBIV, then play Andrei's other awesome games.]