heart forth.gif"90s-inspired metroidvania RPG" Heart Forth, Alicia has already obtained over $40,000 of its $60,000 Kickstarter funding in the first day, with Starbound developer Chucklefish announced to publish the game and help release it on platforms beyond PC. Readers fell in love with Heart Forth again last month with its GIF collection, and seeing it in extended motion, along with some FMW scenes, has me beyond intrigued.

What looks like a Cave Story and La-Mulana hybrid with possibly more sprite work, Alicia will be action-packed, as you control a warrior-wizard who fights and solves puzzles with an enchanted whip, magic, and fairies. Like other metroidvanias, she'll gain more powers as she progresses through a world full of "hidden secrets, long-forgotten dungeons, powerful artifacts, and lethal surprises."

While you can read about how the RPG elements promise customization, control, and flexibility, with sidequests that lead to loot, equipment, and stat boosts, I was a bit curious about the FMV scenes. They sneak in the end of the Kickstarter trailer and are meant to tell the story of 'The Woman.' As the campaign describes, "Using live-action footage, her story will offer a different perspective of Heart Forth, Alicia. Depending on how you end up interpreting things, the universe of the game might suddenly come to mean something different."

For $15, pledgers can get a DRM-free copy or Steam key of the game for PC, scheduled to release May 2015.

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