Moebius: Empire Rising (no, not just Moebius anymore) by Jane Jensen's crowdfunded Pinkerton Road studio and Phoenix Online has been released for Windows and Mac. And, yes, it is a mystery point-and-click adventure and it is both very good and available via Steam and GOG.

Entering the shoes of the outrageously named Malachi Rector -think antiquarian Sherlock- adventurers will get to play through a brilliantly over the top conspiracy thriller that can easily out-Dan-Brown Dan Brown's latest book, while traveling from New York and Paris to Venice and Washington DC. Discovering what the Moebius theory is all about will soon become obvious enough and from then on the game will become a marathon of puzzle solving that will eventually save humanity. Or, well, the United States.

Sadly, and despite getting to scan people for character indicators and appraising antiques, not all of the puzzles on offer are as good as one would expect them to be and the game is definitely on the easy side of things, though also an offering fans of the genre will deeply appreciate. I, for one, couldn't put it down until I reached the ending and neither the infuriating last hour nor the broken animations managed to put me off.

The great lead character, the engrossing plot, quite a few excellent puzzles, the wonderful soundtrack and those subtly innovative mechanics were more than enough to allow me to insist you at least give the demo a try.