iraira camera.pngRoytaLED's Iraira Camera is an augmented reality take on Iraira Bou (Irritating Stick) and uses an Android device and any static or animated drawing of mazes to guide a tiny ball through. Out of almost 300 games made for the NicoNico Indie Games Festival 3, it took the top prize, winning almost $3,000 for its play-anywhere, use-anything design.

As seen in the video, you can make moving images or static images with red borders as stages for Iraira Camera. All you have to do is download the free Android game, then point your device's camera to something it can understand, such as this sample course or whatever you draw with a red marker.

While Iraira Camera was the big winner in the festival, English-friendly games such as Action Mogura, Carry! Package!, and The Dojo took home some of the other awards.

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