bike-assault-screenshot-iphone4-2.pngIn Dyabit Games' endless runner Bike Assault, players have to chase after an armored truck that's transporting a large amount of money across town. Once you catch up to it, you'll have to shoot the doors open and collect the stacks of cash that fall out of the truck.

Your bike can be moved around the road by tilting your device, and the rider will automatically start shooting as soon as he's positioned right behind the truck. Each stack of money collected adds one point to your score.

Not only do players have to keep an eye on the traffic (a collision will cause you to crash your bike), there's also a gas meter that can only be refilled by collecting fuel canisters regularly. Your bike will come to a halt if it runs out of fuel, hence ending the chase quite abruptly as the armored truck speeds off to safety.

Bike Assault is available as a free download from the App Store.