It's a bit late in coming, but here is part two of BitSummit Bits, in which we show you trailers and screenshots for some games that didn't make it into our other BitSummit coverage. Don't forget to check out part one if you haven't already. Once again, these are in no particular order and we can't guarantee that all of these are or will be available in English.


Triris is the newest of over a dozen games from Maruchu. Made for Global Game Jam 2014 in Osaka, it's a variant of Tetris with 3D block shapes for a 2D Tetris game. The shapes can be rotated across all three of the x, y, and z axes to be made to fit however the player wants. It's neat, but it never seems to increase in difficulty. The download comes with a Windows version and a Unity Web Player version embedded in an HTML file.

This appears to be Maruchu's first game made with Unity and the first game they've made outside of a Hot Soup Processor (Japanese link) yearly programming contest since it was established in 2003. Most of Maruchu's games are puzzle games, though they do have an action game called Shichi-nin no Nanako-san. They have descriptions of all of their games in Japanese on their web site, but they only link to the main contest pages for each game. One of their games, Colorful Mines, is available as a free download on Playism's Japanese site.

Ambition of the Daikooon

Ambition of the Daikooon is a real-time tower defense mobile game due out this summer from Hexadrive. All of the player's units are root vegetables with different stats and abilities. Once a unit is played, that same unit type can't be placed again until a new one grows. Formations will have an affect on how well units perform. It's coming to both iOS and Android, and will be free with in-app purchases.


Yatagarasu is a fighting game for Windows which was originally released in 2011. Last year, however, the developers ran a very successful Indiegogo campaign, raising $118,243 so that they could afford to add new content. The game can be purchased from UK digital storefront Rice Digital for £7.99.


This gorgeous scrolling shooter from Edelweiss is already available in Japanese via Playism, and due out for Windows PC in English this spring. I don't know why the logo has a silhouette of two naked girls behind it, but the gameplay shows a mech which has guns for long range and a sword for up-close attacks that make this game look very exciting.

Perilous Dimension

Circle Hydrangea's first and only game thus far is Perilous Dimension, a game for Windows and Mac which supports both Oculus Rift and Leap Motion. The developer freely admits that since it's being developed by one person in the time left to him by his standard office job, there isn't much to the game. The player can't die, but they can fire off huge missile barrages. The game can be played using a regular monitor, keyboard, and mouse, and is free to download.

Cube Tactics

This one is a colorful tactics game with chibi units available as a 3DS eShop download. Its developer, peakvox, specializes in downloadable games for Wii and DS consoles.


This game is being made by Elliot Collis, a New Zealander expatriate living in Tokyo, in collaboration with musician Ben Tolich in New Zealand. It's a game about self-acceptance based on Collis's own experiences.


Gemdrops' upcoming game is a real-time action puzzle game. It's a little unclear from the video what exactly the puzzle mechanic is, but the earth is being attacked by a giant monster and you must puzzle away to keep your train ahead of its tentacles and save as many people as possible. It looks like it will be a brightly-colored cousin to 10000000 when it hits iOS, Android, and Windows Phones.