breakfinity.pngBreakfinity is an Arkanoid-style game that parades an infinite amount of levels for players to smash through with their paddle and ball. The bricks are always moving downwards and towards you, and the only way to remove them is to destroy the bricks one by one or get your ball past the highest brick at the top. The second option clears all existing tiles before introducing a new set of bricks to break.

A special brick can be found in every stage, and by destroying this object you'll earn yourself an extra gem for the purchase of extra balls later. Each time you purchase an additional ball to use, the cost of the ball is increased by a power of two. Ball price is capped at 256 gems, and you can also acquire additional gems via in-app purchases. Some common bricks produce power-up items when shattered, and if you manage to grab them on their way down you'll be bestowed with temporary abilities like an extended paddle, reduced ball travel speed, and lasers to blast bricks with.

Breakfinity is available to download now from the App Store for free.