pulleys.jpgAlan Hazelden's Ludum Dare 29 entry expands a bit on the PuzzleScript formula with a challenging and large, one-stage brainteaser. Within You're Pulleying My Leg are dozens of puzzles to solve to get you deeper into a cave site and ultimately extract a precious red gem that has the power to change mankind.

Okay, I gave the gem a bit more backstory than it actually has. The real story here is how you come to figure out how all the pieces of this puzzle work together.

You don't want to figure it out on your own? Well, a few things to note: the grey diagonally slanted slabs act like mirrors, which can reflect light to erase the cube-barriers, the pulleys help transport everything up and down, light can pass through only the thinnest parts of the ground, your player can hop off things and stand on top of the mirrors.

Okay, now you are ready to play You're Pulleying My Leg. If this is a work day for you, sorry for getting you addicted!