Oddly Shaped Pixels strips Assassin's Creed to its bare essentials, including some awkward terrain traversals, in this high score Ludum Dare MiniLD50 entry.

You must kill targets to gain extra time and possibly gold, aiming for 30 targets to win the Assasseed's Crin Gold trophy. Once you start killing, guards will become aware, and you have to hide from, kill, or avoid them, unless you have enough gold to bribe them to ignore you.

As you complete more kills, you will gain better assassin abilities. Take down 5 targets to gain the ability to blend in (used by standing still for one second), 10 targets earns the "hayssassination" ability (kill from a hay chariot without leaving a body) and 15 targets earns the towerjump.

[Play Assasseed's Crin]