Starcatcher, a One Game a Month entry by rogueNoodle, is a colorful, relaxed arcade game that's harder than it looks but engaging once you get the hang of it.

You are the happy-faced block at the bottom of the screen, and your job is to catch the stars that are falling from above. The stars are moving in predictable back and forth patterns, but the row of blocks at the bottom is constantly, if slowly, moving either left or right. You can move within the row of blocks at the bottom by using the arrow keys to trade places with one of the blocks adjacent to you. All the while, you must dodge falling balls of sludge that sometimes appear.

The combination of star movement patterns, balls of sludge, and the row of blocks moving along wouldn't make the game challenging by themselves. Movement within the row of blocks requires you to pay attention, though, and that adds just the edge the game needs to be interesting. Try it for yourself; see if you can beat my score of 95, or check out rogueNoodle's other games at