collage.pngWith warmups over and Ludum Dare 29 approaching this weekend, I wanted to sneak in a couple more picks from the "demake" themed MiniLD50 jam two different takes on newer Metal Gear entries: Hexdecimal's ASCII roguelike G0 (short for Ground Zeroes) and the 8-bit Metal Core Laser Gate by Daniel Ågren, with both creating different panic scenarios.

Daniel Ågren's harsh Metal Core Laser Gate has a deathcount of over 8,000 and a win count of only 2. You must use the space bar to plant bombs to destroy the flashing metal cores, which then opens the red gate to escape.

The enemies are looking and listening for you, though, and they pick up their paces when the cores are destroyed. If they spot you, their speed becomes superhuman, and you must restart. Even standing still or walking in a box (holding shift) won't save you if you are in an enemy's path. Anticipate their movements, and get out of range before the bombs explode!

The Rogue-inspired G0 was immediately interesting from an aesthetic perspective, seeing the field of view effects in an ASCII style. Players must gather intel and make it safely to the extraction point, initially with only four-directional movement and a knockout-from-behind move. Some intel found (marked as "$") make the micro-mission much simpler, but I won't spoil what those are.

Upon winning, you'll see how much intel you gathered, how many enemies you killed or knocked out, and how quickly you escaped.

[Play G0 and Metal Core Laser Gate]