pink hour.jpg

Cave Story dev Pixel's Kero Blaster releases next month, and those curious how it will feel can get a taste with a short free prologue called Pink Hour, starring a pink office lady who must find a missing document to avoid The President's anger.

With 3 lives and 0 continues, you'll be learning how to carefully jump and otherwise avoid everything, lest you lose half or all of your HP. Controls are explained in-game. You'll notice that once you start shooting, you can strafe in either direction. You must stop shooting so you can aim in another direction.

How does this pink-clad office lady (OLs are a thing in Japan) relate to the green frog protagonist of Kero Blaster? Maybe we'll find out next month when the main game releases on May 11.

Pink Hour requires signing into Playism's service presently to download. I reached out to the company and will update if a login-free download will become available.

[Download Pink Hour for Windows]