monument.pngQuikding's Cavesweeper is a dungeon crawl game where players have to solve randomly-generated puzzles to defeat the enemies that they encounter. Similar to Minesweeper, revealing a tile displays a number which indicates how many other gems like it are adjacent to that square. This only applies to gems which are located horizontally or vertically, and diagonal tiles are not included in the total sum. Combat is won by revealing all squares on the board before you run out of health.

Sometimes you'll meet dwarves or gamblers who provide you with a chance to earn more gold, and the coins that you've collected can be spent at the shop to purchase better equipment or items. Drinking the red potion helps restore some of your hit points, and a tile of your selection can be revealed for each use of the magic wand.

Cavesweeper is available to purchase now for your mobile device (iOS, Android and Windows Phone) at only $0.99, and there's a browser version that is free to play on Newgrounds.