Cosmochoria, the unique and colorful game about surviving in space while traveling naked from planet to planet to grow new plant life, is now on Kickstarter. We wrote a preview for the game in February, but you no longer need to trust someone else's word on how fun this game is because you can try it for yourself.

Cosmochoria has numerous features including permadeath, permanent character upgrades, fun with a jet pack (both in and out of gravity), alien creatures to fend off, a variety of plant life to sow, planets that will heal you, portals that whisk you away to random planets, and flying space dragon bosses. The current build is already a fun game that you can sink hours into, and the Kickstarter is just seeking funding to make the final product even better than it already is.

You can play the demo in your browser. The final version of the game will be available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The Cosmochoria Kickstarter will run until the end of April, and its Steam Greenlight campaign is ongoing.

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