foursidedsanctuary.jpgPerspective level designer Logan Fieth shows some of the tricks he has up his sleeve for upcoming puzzle platformer Four Sided Fantasy, hoping these extra teases of gameplay will boost the game's momentum on Kickstarter.

Gameplay in Four Sided Fantasy will be an expansion on Logan and team's student project The Fourth Wall, released for free while studying at DigiPen in 2012. Some of those expanded ideas are shown in the above video. In addition to some perplexing screen-wrapping puzzles, I really like how the new game is using the screen for transitions, too:

foursidedtransitions.gifJoining Logan will be a group of five including artist Amalachi Zacharia who worked on The Fourth Wall, and musician MJ Quigley who contributed to Nitronic Rush and Perspective. Four Sided Fantasy is slated for PC for early 2015, and backers can grab a digital copy for $8, if the campaign is successfully funded.

[FSF on Kickstater and Steam Greenlight]