ferdy2b.pngFerdy the Cat is a puzzle game in which you must help the titular character solve a series of puzzles found its seven uniquely-themed worlds. An exit staircase exists in every room, but to get Ferdy there you'd have to keep pushing blocks around until the way out is unobstructed and reachable.

Blocks of the same colour will merge into a larger piece when pushed next to each other, and moving a block into a hole creates a bridge for Ferdy to cross. Some floors will even dissolve when you walk over them. Should you realize that you've made a mistake, the undo function can be utilized to reverse as many moves as you want.

Featuring forty-nine levels to play through, the game is available to purchase now from ferdythecat.com for only $6 (Windows, Mac and Linux). An Android version can be expected sometime in spring.