Patcher only works in one orientation and it doesn't have any sound or music, but that doesn't stop it from being engaging in its simplicity.

The game doesn't have any story to it. You are a floating box dropping smaller boxes that expand to fill holes in the ground. You fly along at a consistent speed, no stopping, and you tap to drop a patch box. If the box lands in a hole, it fills it. You get one point for every hole filled. Make three mistakes, where a mistake is either dropping a box outside a hole or not filling a hole, and it's game over. If you're like me, missing a hole also means not filling a hole, which means I only get to miss two holes before it's game over. The speed is fast enough that with the penalty for missing a hole, you don't want to tap wantonly and precision is key.

Although the game has no sound, it does a great job of marking things visually. The white background has a grid that makes it easier to see when the floating box is lined up over holes. If you drop a patch box outside a hole, the box becomes hollow, making it apparent that a mistake was made. Likewise, an unpatched hole has a black line go up to the top, a simple animation making it clear that that hole was missed.

The game is 100% free with no ads or in-app purchases.

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