agamewithakitty7.pngExploration platformers starring kitties is sort of Bernie's thing. After releasing a Mario 64-type 3D Platformer with a kitty last year, the developer returns to 2D with A Game with a Kitty 7 - Sky Crashers for Windows.

The heroine of the story, Darling Kitty, isn't too happy that her island was relocated to the sky, so she sets on an adventure to return it to normal... as normal as an island is with talking kitties that walk on two legs, anyway.

Those who've played AGWAK entries know that the platforming is challenging but tight, GAME OVERs will be plenty, and collecting coins and backtracking are necessities. Your kitty skills start with head bopping, paw swiping, and bomb tossing, but more await. Early protip: once you collect 10 coins, go back to the first stage to increase your HP by 1.

Along with jumping that feels good, Sean Cameron makes it all even better, returning to compose a majestic feeling soundtrack. For now, AGWAK7 is Windows only, but Bernie writes that Android and HTML5 versions will follow soon.

[Download AGWAK 7 for Windows XP and higher, via TIGSource]