furry 2 UE.pngFurry 2 Ultimate Edition for Windows is an action platformer remake of a sequel of a game Dustin Gunn didn't even make. Furry seems to have originated in 2002 from Hamish McLeod of Fallen Angel Industries. Fast forward over a decade, and Furry 2 UE is an overhaul with "revamped graphics, effects, controls, AI and difficulty balance, as well as a brand new world map," descibes Dustin.

The trailer below accurately depicts the general gameplay: jumping, shooting, collecting, and navigating the waters, which as a furry creature should be harder than it looks. Upon completing the first level, the game pans around the world map to show you what it has in store, leading up to the wicked tank pictured above.

While Furry 2 boasts 20 levels over 4 worlds with 4 bosses, I found that with some careful backtracking warps exist to allow you to skip some of those levels. Fans of games with false walls full of items and with enemies who eventually crouch to shoot you when you crouch will also be satisfied.

While not as silly as Mayhem Triple or as gunslinging as Sombreros, Furry 2 holds its own as a retro action platformer.

Music from the remake is from FreePD, and 10% of the game's proceeds will go to it. After this launch week, Furry 2 UE will be set at a $1.75+ price, but you can grab it now for free on Itch.io.

[Thanks, Allen T.]