maddening relapse.pngVertigo just might set in as you play the latest sequel of Andrew McCluskey's (NAL Games) madnessMADNESSmadness, an endless runner from 2009 where you control a madman who sees the world as a literal circle with a killer wall rotating around it trying to kill him.

The procedurally generated circular world pans in and out as you jump over it or go underneath it. The red wall of death gains speed gradually, but if you graze it long enough, you now get a "second wind," which resets the wall away from you. Maddening Relapse contains 16 themes and a bunch of humorous poetry that will tell tales of your latest death, too.

Maddening Relapse is Windows freeware presently, with mobile versions (iOS, Android, and potentially Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8) planned for the future, and maybe other platforms that support GameMaker, such as PlayStation. In full disclosure, Andrew is also an employee of GameMaker creator, Yo Yo Games.

[Download Maddening Relapse]