the serpent.pngAnother Increpare game that's not so much puzzler as it is puzzling, The Serpent has only a few key scenes to its story, but it likely stick with you. It sure seeems sticky, anyway.

Played mainly in first person and top-down persectives, the controls are WASD simple. The first goal, if you need a hint, is to seek out someone different than the rest.

The "fluidity" in Serpent reminds me a bit of what was found in Slave of God, but here the person seems involved with different fluids and addicted to different things. Played after Increpare's The Transgression, one might begin to wonder where these recent games are going and what the underlying messages may be.

In this case, I won't pry. I'll just take another peek at The Serpent and stay clear of its far-shooting venom.