up arrow.pngBraingale's Architects EP is a collection of 9 interactive works that you can play, watch or listen to for free, featuring tracks from devs such as Sean Hogan, Todd Luke, Andrew Brophy, Alec Stamos, and Andrew Marrero.

Pictured at the top, Andrew Marrero's [Up] is a game that combines action platforming and building. As you ascend a randomly generated tower, new enemies and obstacles gradually get added. The game constantly cycles through three game phases: build, (enemy) spawn, and action. The action phase is intense in that you only get 15 seconds to make your way up further. As you open chests and defeat enemies, you'll get cards which award you with random building blocks, potions, new weapons, upgrades, and other helpful items.

beast inherit.pngOther games include the "Buy a Wii U" promoting Inheriting The Beast (above) by Alec Stamos, where you wander a seemingly amorphous mansion you inherited, picking up items to travel to the heart of the building and confronting the beast.

Sean Hogan's Superstructure explores the mechanics of "swapping two tiles in a 2D tilemap on a really small scale, as well as swapping them in '3D' (though in a 2D perspective)." Todd Luke's Marble Safari encourages playful discovery, and I have been warned not to explain the mechanics or anything else. Also of note is Andrew Brophy and Sun Stains' "interactive music video" Moody.

That covers only half of tiny treasures in the Architects EP, so be sure to browse free collection for work by Barch, Mushbuh, Joshalanb, JMickle, and PostPre.

Also be sure to check out last year's free EP, Brain Theatre, with other work from Todd Luke, Tipp, mooosh, Andrew Brophy, QOG, Alex Stamos, Shelby Smith, PostPre, and Lulu Blue.

[Download the Architects EP in full or browse the EP]