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2D versus fighters from indies are rare compared to, say, platformers, especially those that take the time to animate large and colorful sprites. Light Green 8's Inhocho Dynamite BOMB for Windows contains 8 fighters, some cliche and some refreshing, all high-hitters and easy to learn for pupils of the Street Fighter fireball.

Having become more of a casual fan since my Neo Geo and 32-bit days, I can't analyze the fighting system too deeply. I've observed weak-weak and weak-fierce chains, 2-in-1s, launchers, (mid-air) dashes, dash jumps, (mid-air) recoveries, counters, guard cancels, charge attacks, and 1- and 2-level supers in best-of-3 matches. The game offers two modes to build your skills: a single-player arcade mode and a local-only versus mode.

With the developer's permission I tried to re-post the combo video to YouTube below, but the uploader converted the quality rather poorly, as you see:

You can view the original video here.

The game is largely the creation of @gietudou from the developer circle @hitodorekaku, who enlisted several voice actors to add personality to the roster. To help decide if this is the versus fighter for you, priced at less than $9, you can grab the trial first.

[English DL Site]