After its first success with getting a game from Kickstarter to Steam, developer Triple.B.Titles is going for it again. And their new game, Popup Dungeon has a lot to recommend it. It's to be a co-op procedural death labyrinth RPG, and as if that weren't enough it has a neat papercraft aesthetic and is designed to let the player easily create their own weapons, abilities, characters, and enemies.

The Popup Dungeon Kickstarter page lists the following features:

Roguelike: permanent death, quick gains, procedural dungeons, and a mixture of handcrafted and procedurally generated loot
Tactical Turn-Based RPG: fast-paced, strategic game play
Infinitely Extensible: Users can easily create: weapons, abilities, characters, and enemies.
Papercraft: We hand-fold every pixel to ensure every dungeon is fresh and lively for you!
Multiplayer: Hot Seat or Online Coop (Versus mode is a Stretch Goal)
Flexible Party Size: Dungeon Crawl alone or with a party
Variable Challenges: Choose the dungeon crawl that's right for your schedule, from single-seaters to infinite descents.
Persistent Gains: Charms awarded by The Wizard after a run are permanent and give every character under your control a bonus. They are quite magical. Collect and combine them to achieve curious effects.

The game will also feature a DM mode if the game is successfully funded, which will allow one player to control certain aspects of the dungeon adventure.

It really sounds like a lot of effort is being put into making this a game that can be enjoyed by creative people as well as people who just like to dungeon crawl, and as both a solo and a multiplayer game. It already looks like a quality product.

If successfully funded, Popup Dungeon is guaranteed to be out for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The game has already been Greenlit. WiiU and mobile support are also among the stretch goals. A copy of the game is available as a backer reward for as little as $15 and that includes early access.

[Popup Dungeon on Kickstarter]