I've spent a lot of time spelunking in games in my day. It goes way back on the NES with Solar Jetman all the way to modern times with Steam World Dig, so I'm no stranger to getting lost and finding my way in an underground network. It's no surprise, then, that Ludum Dare 29 entry Jetpack Caverns caught my eye, though I was pleasantly surprised to enjoy it as much as I did.

Jetpack Caverns wears its heart on its sleeve, or more specifically, in its title. You're a guy with a jetpack, and you explore some caverns. I miss the days of simple concepts like this. There are enemies, and you shoot them until they die. There are walls, and you shoot them until they explode. Go in to the cave. Go deep into the cave. Get to the exit and get out. That's the game.

The keyboard and mouse controls are simple to grasp. Use WASD to move and the mouse to direct where your bullets go. You can hold the button to charge up a shot, which can bust through walls and baddies more easily than your regular pea shooter. You can even improve your offensive capabilities by picking up enemy-dropped powerups.

Mental Atrophy said that the game wasn't finished before submission, but it's fun enough that I hope that doesn't remain the permanent status. What's here is great fun and could provide a solid blueprint for a full release. You can pick it up for Windows now at its Ludum Dare page.