mibibli.pngRyan Melmoth, creator of Mond Cards and Delirious Bird, had just released a new 2D platformer titled Mibibli's Quest. Stepping into the shoes of an odd-looking creature named Mibibli, you travel across surreal landscapes searching for your arch-nemesis Crocodibli in hopes of defeating him for good.

Similar to the early Megaman games, you can choose the order in which the stages are to be attempted. Each level has its own unique theme, and you'll need to be on your toes to figure out how to overcome some of the unconventional yet creative challenges in Mibibli's Quest. An example of this would be the dance stage, where players have to press the right keys whenever a directional arrow touches them. Make a mistake, and you'll be shot at immediately by the auto-targeting turrets.

Mibibli's Quest features three difficulty settings to pick from, though you're also offered the choice to switch between them whenever you load a game. Even on easy mode it takes quite an effort to beat the first few levels, and at the hardest setting enemies don't even randomly produce health drops when defeated.

Mibibli's Quest is available as a pay-what-you want download from itch.io. Note that since it's a Flash game, clearing your browser cache will erase all of your saves (so don't do it).

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