mimicry.pngMimicry Man is a freeware puzzle game in which you get to play as a Mimic, the creature that often disguises itself as a treasure box to lure unsuspecting adventurers into a trap. Your ultimate goal here is to defeat the Hero who is searching everywhere for the precious Solar Sword. Travellers won't approach you if you don't equip yourself with an item they want, though it should be easy to figure out their needs based on what they say at the start of every encounter.

Since your inventory is limited to just ten slots, you can discard unwanted items by trading them with the God of Mimics for hints. An Item Index keeps track of everything you find during your adventure, and you can even use a Fusion Pot to combine and produce rare collectibles in the latter part of the game.

The English version of Mimicry Man is available to download from the translator's site.