monument.pngustwo's Monument Valley is a puzzle game about a princess named Ida, who has to navigate a series of impossible architectures in her quest to seek forgiveness for some sort of wrongdoing. Many of the challenges presented consist of fixing broken paths by using switches or wheels that can rotate parts of a structure. During the journey she'll encounter a group of mysterious creatures called the Crow People, a totem pole that can be used to reach higher platforms, and several other surprises that we shouldn't really be spoiling here.

By tapping on a spot that you want Ida to move towards to, the pathfinding system will automatically get her there as long as there's no broken floors or obstruction in her path. Sometimes you'll need to move parts of a building around to assemble a walkway or staircase, and in several instances you may even have to rely on optical illusions to connect platforms that are nowhere near each other from all angles except one.

Citing Vectorpark's Windosill, Fez, and Superbrother's Sword & Sworcery as inspirations, ustwo also manages to incorporate several M.C. Escher-style designs into the architectural wonders of Monument Valley. Playing around with the switches and levers produce a wide variety of clicks, whirs, and tunes - much like what a musical toy box would do when being tinkered with. The sound design team deserves much praise for making the audio complement the graphics so well, and it'd be a missed opportunity not to experience the game with your headphones on.

Monument Valley is available to purchase now from the App Store for only $3.99, while the Android version should be out sometime in the coming weeks.