Nifflas Games certainly has a diverse portfolio of games. Add Ynglet+ and 7 Nanocycles to the list. Aesthetically speaking, they're drastically different. But in some ways, they feel like two sides of the same coin.

Ynglet+ is an improved version of the original Ynglet, with more levels, updated graphics and additional music. You swim the character (who I can only assume is called Ynglet) through 2D shapes with the arrow keys. You can only control the movement while in these shapes. Traveling outside the boundaries will allow gravity to take over. If you leap out at a high speed you can jump from shape to shape, something made more feasible by the boost function tied to the space bar. Complete levels by collecting seeds. It's a simple concept but it's a bit harder than it sounds.

7 Nanocycles is a similar concept (reminiscent of 7 Light-years), though it's in 3D. You can freely move through the three-dimensional shapes in the level. Once you fall out, gravity takes over. Leaping from shape to shape is the only way to survive in this Tron-esque world. Holding the spacebar will rotate the world, allowing you to complete some of the trickier jumps.

Both games are available for free at Nifflas' website, either as downloads for Windows, Mac or Linux, but also for browsers that can use the Unity Web Player.