Destroying planets is something reserved for super powerful beings, like Galactus or characters in the Dragon Ball universe. It's at the least something games usually ramp into, but that's not the case in Destructamundo. You'll be blowing up solar systems as soon as the game begins.

Detonating celestial bodies in Destructamundo is as easy as the click of a button. Planets orbit their systems until wiped out. You start with three bombs, and can move on to the next stage when you clear the area of targets. The catch is explosions do not move, they stay stationary. As the planets follow their orbit, they can crash into the fiery blasts, extending your combo. If you plan it properly, you can eliminate an entire stage with one explosion, triggering a points granting bonus segment.

The planetary puzzles eventually expand to include satellites that burn more slowly than normal explosions, and UFOs that carry explosions from place to place. If the 15 or so levels I played at PAX East were any indication, we're in for a brain-teasing treat when the full 72 levels release in the Summer. Robotube will release the game for Ouya, Steam and iOS, but a Vita version is possible as well. It will cost somewhere between $5 and $10.