I flew. I flew fast. I crashed. I tried again.

I repeated that process at Flippfly's PAX East 2014 setup for about five minutes straight. After a bit I was getting the hang of things, but the growing line of people behind me were getting impatient. They too would soon know that this game inspires the "one more try" feeling like so many that have come before it.

The object is to survive. You'll direct your solar powered aircraft around a level at high speeds while collecting items, concentrating on not crashing at the same time. The sun is constantly setting, which is basically your game clock. You can pick up yellow powerups to raise it some, but you're always chasing your inevitable death.

There are several nuances that add something special to the gameplay. First is the green powerup which vaults you into the air. This allows for some fun, platforming-esque moments, but is also pretty dangerous. Another is the ability to do a barrel roll by switching directions at full tilt. I'm not sure how it exactly affects your flight path, but it looks super cool.

Surviving long enough opens up new areas, with different hazards, enemies and environmental elements. Expect to see giant moving boxes, polygonal trees and birds that drop powerups as you play. I wanted more time with it at PAX, not just because of my growing addiction to lengthier runs, but because I really wanted to see what else the game could throw at me. "One more try" was never enough, and I think the final version won't be any different.

Race The Sun is available now on Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux for $10. It's heading to the Playstation 3, Playstation 4 and Vita this Summer. There's also a Unity-based web build at Kongregate, in case you wanted to give it a spin for yourself.