The Blue Bomber and me go way back. Mega Man will always have a special place in my heart, that's why it's so saddening that the series has basically been retired at this point. Other people feel the same way, and thankfully, some of them make games. Echoes of Eridu is the result of Mega Man fans making what they want to play. And the PAX East build I played proves they're doing a pretty bang-up job.

Batterystaple Games is borrowing a few gameplay elements from Mega Man X. From the running, shooting and jumping, to the dashing, slashing and wall-climbing, you'll feel right at home if you've ever played the 16-bit rebirth of Rock and co. And while the base gameplay feels the same, it's not a clone.

Two major elements set Echoes of Eridu apart from its inspiration. The first is the ability to customize your warrior. You can shoot bullets if you choose, or you can utilize a sword instead. Do you prefer dashing or a double-jump? It's up to you. Unlocking and making use of these abilities allows you to hand-craft a character suited best to your playstyle. It's especially convenient when playing with a friend, as both players can bring something different to the table, allowing for some deep tactics.

The second element is the procedurally generated levels. They're not entirely randomized as each stage is built from a group of pre-made chunks, but mixing up the when instead of the what is good enough to keep things fresh. I really enjoyed the elements the levels were comprised of as well. While there was plenty of intense platforming, there were spots where you'd need to magnetize to the ceiling and avoid lasers on the floor. It was pretty creative.

Echoes of Eridu was estimated to be about 50 percent completed when I played it, so it will be a little bit before it sees release. It has a Kickstarter campaign running now, and a Greenlight page as well. Batterystaple is targetting Windows, with Mac and Linux versions to follow.