I'll be honest, when it comes to 2D gaming, I'm useless with keyboard controls. I grew up with an NES controller in my hands and my brain won't let that go. And while Not a Hero is technically 2&1/4D, believe me when I say I was embarrassingly bad at playing it, so much so that I apologized to the developer who was watching. He laughed and didn't seem to mind that much. I was happy when he confirmed controller support for the eventual release, because I really want to play this game, despite my feeble attempts on the showfloor.

The Not a Hero demo had me storming a building from the roof in an attempt to kill everyone inside. It was fun busting through a door guns a-blazin', except when enemies I didn't kill right off the bat fired back. Luckily, you can duck into alcoves and doorways to avoid being shot, then pop back out and return fire.

You can use the stairs and go from floor to floor like a normal human being, or you can leap through the glass and crash in to the next floor through the window instead, which was my preferred method of elevation alteration. Getting the jump on the bad guys this way was always a thrill. I also liked that there were different playstyles depending on which character you chose. Those who prefer guns have a selection, but those who like to melee will find something to satisfy their desire to bludgeon as well.

Now, the 2&1/4D perspective mention probably sounded odd to you. Roll7 is debuting their new Isoslant technology with Not a Hero. It's a tongue-in-cheek way to describe the graphics, which admittedly look pretty unique. You can experience it for yourself later in 2014 when it comes out on Windows through Steam.