Tribute Games unveiled Curses 'N Chaos at PAX East 2014, and it's everything I'm looking for when it comes to small-scale titles from established studios. It has stylish pixel graphics, well-realized gameplay and is a ton of fun. The most important part, though, and what makes it stand out, is that the game's wave-based gameplay feels pretty unique.

The hook in Curses 'N Chaos is simple: kill the enemies to survive, alone or with a friend. They approach you in waves due to a curse, and your battle with them is timed. Dispatch them in time and you'll move on to the next round. Fail to do so and you'll need to avoid the spirit of death itself. The eventual goal is to collect enough money during battle to fund the creation of a tonic that can kill the final boss, lifting the curse.

Enemies have patterns that must be learned and accounted for in this game, just like in the old-style games that inspired it. Frogs jump two times low and a third time high. Crows fly across the screen then dive at the player. All of your time will be spent running, jumping, double jumping and attacking. You'll also be able to pick up one-time-use items like a cannonball that rips through enemies or food that restores health.

I was able to go through the ten-round demo successfully with one of the developers, who was pretty excited to finally reach the end with someone after repeated failures that day. I was pretty excited myself, as Curses 'N Chaos was a ton of fun. I can't wait for the game to release on Playstation Vita and Windows in Fall 2014.