It feels like Gaijin Games is publishing Whoa Dave! 30 years later than it should have been. Somewhere between Atari and NES quality graphics, it would have fit right at home in a dark, mall-based arcade, nestled somewhere among the Ms Pac Man and Afterburner machines.

The game is a single screen score attack platformer, where Dave must kill as many enemies as possible while collecting the coins they drop without dying. Touch an enemy or the lava at the bottom of the level and poof, there goes a life. You can kill enemies by throwing the eggs they hatch from in their direction, crushing them. Of course, you'll need to do it before they actually hatch. Powerups like a devastating skull or a screen-clearing WHOA-block occasionally appear as well.

Those who play deep enough into Whoa Dave! will find that the bottom floor eventually gives way to lava, creating a more dangerous environment. It starts that way on hard difficulty as well. There is also a two-player battle mode where score is king.

The developer said at PAX East that the game now has the "perfect arrangement of platforms", but expansions may come down the road following release, which will be in Summer for iOS, Android, Ouya and on Steam. There is also the possibility of a 3DS version as well. Expect it to run in the range of $5 to $10.