epiphany.pngSadly, all good things must come to an end. When said good things are game series though, said end rarely is an equally good one, unless we are talking about The Blackwell Epiphany, the final installment to the Wadjet Eye's Blackwell saga, which innovates by being perfect. It nails the tone, raises the stakes, brilliantly concludes the over-arching story and looks better than ever, all while being an excellent adventure game on its very own.

So, as is customary for all Blackwell games (bar one) you get to play as Rosa Blackwell, a descendant of a long line of psychics, and the ghost of Joey Malone in a noble yet thankless attempt to help lost souls move on to whatever awaits them. Rosa does tend to do the more traditional detective, point-and-click work, while the ethereal Joey manages to sneak through all closed doors and occasionally blow on things, in a game that will last you over 8 hours and provide you with a fine selection of simple yet excellently organic puzzles.

Only, this time around, saving souls tends to be a bit on the taxing side of things, as someone seems to be ripping them apart. Probably in order to achieve something grander and more nefarious, but that's enough plot for now. Spoiling Epiphany's story would be a horrible thing to do; guess I'll just let this launch trailer set the mood instead:

Oh, and let me also point out one final thing: Blackwell's New York is one of the most atmospheric and masterfully realized cities I've ever encountered in our medium. It feels alive, vibrant, occasionally sad, selectively dark and so very real.

You can (and, let's face it, should) buy The Blackwell Epiphany for your Windows PC via Steam, GOG or Wadjet Eye Games.