Two magicians and a (magical?) mansion. Krisjet's Little Big Mansion is a puzzle platformer whose prototype was born in the NM i Gameplay 2013 (Norwegian Championship of Gameplay, we could say) based on the ability of the magicians to manipulate the size and type of objects. Kristoffer Jetmundsen is the promising designer behind the game, while Krillbite and Rain Games sound designer Martin Kvale is the one to blame for the gloomy ambience. Frankly I don't know who came up with the idea of adding Edvard Munch's Madonna to the equation, but I solemnly nod.

Currently the prototype is playable via browser, and if it is not the most polished demo to try --nor is it intended to be--, it's a great sneak peek on what the Norwegian team is able to do. As I do better not spoiling, just go and play it; there're some secrets hidden deep within the ancient mansion. And don't forget the final version of Little Big Mansion will be available later this year.