We recently covered free to play mobile roguelike Shattered Planet. One of the things covered in that article was that the game will soon be headed to Windows and Mac as well, but as a premium title with alterations to better fit the expectations and desires of PC gamers. Kitfox Games has just started a Steam Greenlight campaign, and alongside that has announced some new features that will be coming to the PC version.

One new addition to the game will be a class system, with different clone skins coming with different special abilities. It sounds as though abilities will be tied to looks, which will bother some players and not others, but the special abilities should add some variety and adaptability for personal play styles.

Throughout Shattered Planet you can pick up pets/sidekicks which in the mobile version persist alongside your clone until the pet itself is killed in the field. In the PC version, however, you will be have access to mini-vats in which pet DNA can be stored so that pets can be cloned. Players will be able to store multiple pets' DNA data at a time, and the companion DNA vats are supposed to play a part in giving the player more strategic options for the PC version.

The last of the announced additions is daily challenges, allowing players to earn bonus crystals (the in-game currency used to purchase equipment) once per day.

Although Kitfox Games has only announced these three changes and improved graphics as definite changes, there are sure to be others. In our previous article, we reported that the developer has plans to make changes to the item synthesis system, but they've also told us that they want to increase the complexity of the datalog and generally want to support deeper strategy and more experimentation.

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