vektropolis KS.pngDark Computer Entertainment's Vektropolis missed its doomsday release but estimates to bring its vector graphics and intense human vs human vs alien tactical combat starting this October, if the Kickstarter goes well.

Taking the gameplay description from the Kickstarter:

"It's Fast Paced Combat that combines the best elements of twitch thrills with city building and tower defense games. Vektropolis is a vector graphic combat game where the player uses their flying and shooting skills to protect their city from invaders -both Alien and Human. Play is split into rounds and comprises of missions both set and dynamic- so when you are attacked anything can happen. After a mission is completed the player is assessed and rewarded with payment. They can put this payment into growing the city or into their craft. The more the city grows, the bigger the population, the bigger the bonus. The bigger the bonus the more the rewards!"

The Kickstarter funding is meant for the first phase of the game's release, a "robust" but tactical-less single player mode with Oculus VR support will ship October 2014. Phases 2-4 are also sketched out on the Kickstarter, which will include multiplayer support, tactical gameplay, upgrades, and other multiplayer modes such as clan and league support.

Vektropolis will initially launch on Windows, but other platforms announced were Steam Box, Linux, Mac OSX, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. The developer aims to raise £50,000 and has set the digital game tier to £15.

The only possible problem I found so far is that, like most things from the 80s, their predictions and depictions of the near-future don't quite become reality. While my fingers will remain crossed for aliens in 2017, I think Vektropolis succeeding is a safer bet.

[Vektropolis on Kickstarter]