spiderling.pngInspired by Edmund McMillen and Florian Himsl's Tri-achnid, Spiderling is a 2D platformer that features some rather creative usage of its rope physics. The story is about a spider who wishes to escape with his friend (a fly, of all insects that it could be buddies with) before a war between the two species ensue. You'll have to use your web to swing across chasms and reach higher platforms as you make your way towards the exit of the cave.

The reach of your web is pretty short, but players can shoot out as much of it as they like until something sticks. Webs will stay on screen until you leave the current room. During the adventure you'll encounter other bugs and creepy crawlies as well - some will help you on your journey, while others are there to hinder your progress until you figure out how to get by them.

Spiderling, made for Stencyl Jam 2014, is available to play now on your browser via Newgrounds.