The year is XXXX, and Japan is in dire straits. A bad guy and his 2-3 compatriots have gotten really violent. And so it is that she comes forward... Super Spunky Girl Hikomi, a badass old woman with a huge, almost toothless smile.

Super Spunky Girl Hikomi is a platformer with a lot of character. Hikomi herself can take out enemies by jumping on them, shooting them with fireballs, headbutting them, or charging through them. There are also scrolls to pick up with varying effects. People unable to read Japanese won't be able to read the scroll descriptions, but it appears each scroll is a different color so it shouldn't be too hard to keep track once they learn what each scroll does. There are several worlds, each with their own unique aesthetics. The score value doesn't have much meaning, though, unless it's to prove how amazing Hikomi is; you can easily get max score on the first level.

hikomi.jpgThe controls are configurable, but the defaults are as follows: up, down, left, and right correspond to the arrow keys on a keyboard (or the D-pad on a controller). Attack is Z (or button 4), jump is X (button 3), pause is C (button 1), and select is A (button 5). The following is a screenshot of the configuration screen with annotations.


The attack key is also used to move dialogue forward. Jump is also cancel and skipping movies. Select uses a scroll during play. Up goes through doors and down can be used to speed up text. Double-tapping left or right initiates a dash which can be used to get better distance on jumps. You can attack while dashing to beat the crap out of anything in your path while you run. Holding up and attacking throws a fireball up at an angle; holding down and attacking throws one straight ahead. You can hold multiple scrolls, but you can only use the most recently obtained one.

Super Spunky Girl Hikomi is for Windows only and was an entrant in the third NicoNico Indie Games Festival. All the files in the zip have Japanese names; use the .exe to start playing.

[Download Super Spunky Girl Hikomi | Super Spunky Girl Hikomi manual (Japanese)]