tseahnc.pngTouching on a very topical subject in aviation news, Lucas Pope's entry into the Ludum Dare competition explores the coordination of resources in the search of airplane wrecks that had crashed into the sea. Each rescue effort begins with the allocation and loadout selection of the resources available to you, and once the operation is underway you have just one minute to find the wrecks and save the passengers from drowning.

Some of the highly-sophisticated equipment can chart the travel paths of each plane before they crashed, or in the case of the GPS scan the search area is narrowed down to smaller sectors once a systematic scan is completed. Conventional methods like airplanes and boats can be sent to sea to find the wreck, and once you've found the crash site a submersible can be mobilized to ferry the passengers to safety.

The Sea Has No Claim is to available to play at dukope's site (its Ludum Dare page is here), while many more LD entries can be found at this page.