I'm not one for stealth, normally, but something about Third Eye Crime resonates with me in a way these types of games usually don't. Maybe it's because it's more like a puzzle game. Maybe it's the excellent noir aesthetics. It could be a combination of the two. Either way, I'm enjoying every moment it steals from me.

Moonshot Games' debut title follows Rothko, a telepathic thief with a penchant for lifting high-end art. The story unfolds as all many 50s era crime dramas do, with a dame in need presenting a questionable task. The main character gets in over their head and the mystery unfolds from there. It's written remarkably well and the graphic novel style cutscenes are almost enough on their own to recommend this.

The gameplay, however, is up to code as well. Swiping paths for Rothko to follow is simple and intuitive (though I wish there was a function that allowed for him to pause a couple seconds when drawing a pattern). The AI is not terribly intelligent, but they search for you relentlessly once you've been spotted. Staying one step ahead of them is made easier through telepathy, which displays where they'll search next in red on the floor. The levels grow in complexity as do the capabilities of your pursuers, who can eventually run faster or may be equipped with firearms. Speed boosting powerups and attention-grabbing decoys will aid you in your quest as well, though judicious and thoughtful use of said items is required for success.

The 120 levels will challenge your ability to escape, I promise, especially when trying to complete each level's three optional objectives. Getting out may be duck soup some of the time, but collecting all of the gems, unseen and in a single path is something else entirely. Third Eye Crime available on iOS right now for $3.