thumb fighter.pngFound in the treasure trove that is Game Jolt, Thumb Fighter by Argentine dev Avix Games is an unfinished local versus game, but it already has the charm and the beginnings of some depth to make it more than a random finger-bashing battle.

With just one button each, players try to pin each other, taking chunks of green bar with each successful pin. Pinning uses up the red energy bar, though, and if you don't let up, you'll be on the receiving end of a thumb-pin, too. Additionally, you can taunt players, by bowing your thumb, which drains their red energy bar.

Marcelo Haberman and Nicolás Castez created everything you're about to play. They said on Game Jolt that they will add special movements activated by diferent gestures, along with power ups and a moment of 'fast tapping', too. Get to practicing, and maybe one day your thumb will look as cool as this winner:

thumb winner.png

[Play or Download Thumb Fighter Beta]