Here's another collection trailers for games that just came out or are due out in the near future, spread across a wide range of genres. The list is presented in alphabetical order.


This is a city builder set in the California Gold Rush. There's a campaign mode with 20 different scenarios as well as an endless sandbox mode. It's set to launch out of Early Access on May 8th. It's currently available via IndieGameStand for Windows and Mac, but has been Greenlit and will come out on Steam as well. It's also to be available for iPad and Android tablets, but early access for those is only available in Australia and New Zealand. The release price hasn't been announced, but it's supposed to go up from its current price of $9.99.


Created by a Brazilian indie developer, this game for iOS and Android has you tap to reverse the direction of a unicyclist. Keep him on platforms but away from moving obstacles. It's a physics game with a simple concept that looks like it will be tricky to master because of the precision required.

Grail to the Thief

This is a fairly low-budget Kickstarter project for a text adventure game in the style of Twine games or game books. What makes it special is that they are specifically trying to make the game accessible to the visually-impaired. They want to make the game fun for the sighted as well, and though their proof of concept is a bit boring for the sighted at the moment, it shows off how they plan to make an accessible interface with clear sound.

Imagine Earth

If you're not interested in funding an adventure game, how about a planetary colonization sim? There's already a demo available on Steam, since they won an Intel Level Up Award for Best Simulation Demo. And hey, the map uses triangles instead of squares or hexagons. Imagine Earth is for Windows only.


Artillery combat in space, using the gravity of other planets to redirect your weapons and hopefully hit another planet hurtling around the sun. I feel like this doesn't need more explanation; either this concept excites you or it doesn't. Pick it up on Steam Early Access if you're interested.

Magnetic by Nature

Magnetic by Nature is an upcoming platformer. Players will have to get good at pushing and pulling themselves along via magnetism to beat this one. Although it will come to Windows, Mac, and Linux, it has a period of Ouya exclusivity starting in May and ending at an undisclosed point in time. They're offering pre-orders via Humble Widget, charging $8 for the standard edition and $15 to get that plus access to all future DLC.


This not-so-massively multiplayer RPG for Windows has 8-bit style graphics and a turn-based battle system like the games of yore. It actually first came out in 2011, but it was just released on Steam. The developer has a Mac client in the works as well. It's a really neat idea and is pretty well done, but I found that the controls rub me the wrong way. There's a demo available (the game is designed to be played solo as well as multiplayer) on the NEStalgia web site, however, so you can decide for yourself if you like the controls or not. The game's regular price is $14.99 or $29.99 for a 3-pack, but it's 25% off on Steam for launch week at the moment.

The Secret of Raven Rock

An upcoming point and click adventure game for iOS in the vein of Myst. The developer says that "not all of the puzzles can be solved in the traditional sense of tapping or dragging and some will take a little bit of thinking outside of the box," which you can kinda see in the trailer. The game is supposed to make use of the device's camera and gyroscope, too.