Here are more six trailers for games which are out or upcoming for PC or mobile, with two action games, two strategy games, one tactical RPG, and one horror adventure game.They are presented in alphabetical order.


The developers of Ceres are big fans of space strategy games, but XCOM taught them that something was missing: a connection to the ships to make the players really care about what happens to them. Their goal with Ceres is to give you a reason to care about your ships, making this kind of an XCOM in space. The game is still in development and there will be a crowdfunding campaign in the near future.

Countless Rooms of Death

This is the first title from HCP Games, who are calling it "a puzzle/adventure game with a horror atmosphere." There is certainly a lot of freaky stuff going on in the bunker you have to get out of. The game is available for $7.99 and there is a Greenlight page with a four-minute gameplay video as well.

Strategy & Tactics: World War II

A strategy game that appears boardgame-like in its clarity of interface, Strategy & Tactics: World War II is set during World War II and its aftermath. The game is already available for Android for $4.99, and developer Herocraft is developing a PC version which is currently taking votes on Greenlight.

Temple of the Abyssal Winds

This trailer takes about 10 seconds to get to the actual gameplay. Temple of the Abyssal Winds is a tactical RPG due out later this year for Windows and iPad. It will have real-time with pause combat, a character creation/leveling system inspired by pencil-and-paper RPGs, and an open world to explore.

Vertical Drop Heroes HD

Nerdook has rebuilt his 2010 game Vertical Drop Heroes in Gamemaker and is going to be releasing it as a standalone game. The new version will feature procedurally generated levels and multiplayer capabilities. You can download the Windows demo or try it on Kongregate, and if you like it you can vote for it on Greenlight.

War In Space Arcade

A shooter in classic arcade style, but with a tech tree for ship upgrades. You can get it for $1.99 on Desura.