Hypnotic Owl, a two-man + collaborators team including the creator of The Day the Laughter Stopped and The Pepper Prince, is getting ready to release their next game, The Wizard. The trailer is hilarious and worth watching for its own sake, but the game itself is good, too.

The Wizard is a turn-based dungeon crawler controlled entirely by mouse. Clicking an adjacent tile will move there; clicking an adjacent tile and dragging to a destination will take you there over the course of several turns unless you encounter an enemy. To cast spells, you must click and hold on the wizard and then activate the orbs that appear around him in set patterns.

Killing enemies grants experience that can be used to upgrade spells, but those upgrades generally affect things like range and how many targets it hits rather than damage. The wizard is rather frail, too, which means that it's important to combine wise spell choices with clever use of the environment. Failure is not an end, however. The Wizard is not a roguelike and the levels aren't procedurally generated. When you die, you just have to restart the level.

No release date has been set for The Wizard, but it will be available as an HTML5 browser game.

[The Wizard web page]