There has been a rash of good trailers lately. Here are half a dozen interesting ones, in alphabetical order.


Cadence is the first game coming from Made With Monster Love, a one-person studio based out of the southernmost part of Africa. Due out later this year, Cadence is an audio generative puzzle game that reminds me of Cipher Prime's Auditorium. Where Auditorium has you activating different parts of a pre-made track, however, Cadence asks you to connect a series of sound-generating nodes to create an endless loop of sound. There's a longer video that explains Cadence in detail and a playable demo. It's also up on Greenlight. Cadence will be available for Windows, Mac, and iPad.

Guild of Dungeoneering

We've talked about Gambrinous's Guild of Dungeoneering before, but for those who missed it, it's a dungeon crawler in which you are in charge of laying out the dungeon, its treasure, and its monsters instead of controlling the hero himself. This trailer was released as part of Guild of Dungeoneering's entry onto Steam Greenlight. You can try a demo in your browser or pre-order the game at a discount from the Guild of Dungeoneering web site.

Magical Battle Festa: Magical Ion

Magical Battle Festa is an arena fighter for up to four players from developer fly system. You have an array of magical girls and boys to choose from, each with a small army of robots under his or her command. The game is currently available for Windows from Playism. Magical Battle Festa has two versions at different price points. The fully voiced version is $21.99 and features Japanese anime industry voice actors, but there's also a $14.99 edition without the voices.

PICS: Towers of Defense

Personae Studios' PICS: Towers of Defense is being built from the ground up to support modding. This wouldn't be all that unusual if it were a PC game, but it's headed to iOS. PICS stands for Play, Improve, Create, and Share, and players will be able to do all of those things with maps, enemies, and towers. As you can probably guess from the title, it will be a tower defense game, but it sounds like Personae Studios wants to turn this into the first of a series that will cover many genres. There will be both free and paid versions of the game, but the only difference will be ads in the free version. Personae Studios also plans to bring their games to Android and PC in the future, but are focusing on iOS for now.

Super Mutant Alien Assault

In Super Mutant Alien Assault, your ship is being attacked and it's your job to use the weapons the ship randomly supplies to fight off the invaders. If the aliens get to the ship's fuel, they become much harder to deal with. Supplies are limited, though, and if you miss with those weapons too often, you'll be screwed. The game will allow for 2-player co-op, but it was designed for people who like a challenge but don't always have long spans of time in which to play games. No release date or price has been announced, but the game will be for PC.


Traverser, from Swedish developer Gatling Goat Studios, will be a top-down adventure game with stealth. Set in a world without sun, the game takes place in an underground city controlled by a body called The Corporation. They maintain control by being in charge of both the oxygen supply and gravity. Gravity is generated by a plate that is the boundary between Uppertown and Lowertown, which is upside down on the underside. Your main character has a gravity glove that allows you to pick up and manipulate objects as well as flip back and forth between the different parts of town. Class warfare and oppression are going to be strong themes in Traverser; the developer has given me a lot of information about the setting, and it sounds like they've put a lot of thought into it. It will be for Windows and Mac and is currently slated for a summer release.