RocketCat Games (Punch Quest, Mage Gauntlet) has just released its sixth game, Wayward Souls. Wayward Souls is a procedural death dungeon crawler with touch controls that make for a fantastic action gaming experience.

This is one of those games that forgoes an on-screen d-pad and buttons in favor of tap, hold, and drag with one hand for movement and intuitive taps and swipes with the other. And it works beautifully. At no point do the controls get in the way of combat, which is inspired by Secret of Mana and successfully captures the older game's feel. One thing that might be a downside for some players is that you can't flip which side of the screen does which; the game assumes you're okay with controller-style movement controlled by the left hand and attacks and abilities controlled by the right.

You begin the game with three of the six character classes available and unlock more by defeating dungeons. Within the dungeons you can find consumable items, most of which are special attacks and abilities. Over the course of many playthroughs, I have found only one measly and relatively ineffectual healing potion. Until I came across it, I thought that the only way to regain health was to find the way down to the next floor. It may as well be, with health potions so rare and so useless. That means you really have to be careful what you fight and how you fight it. Thankfully, every enemy type is predictable once you learn their patterns. The occasional shrine gives you a temporary buff and you can come across forges which will give you a choice between two upgrades.

There is a bit of story to the game. The tutorial and the prologue are combined into one playable section of game which can be replayed at any time. Every class is represented by a different character with their own backstory, though if you're not very good at the game it'll be a while before you learn more than their introduction tells you.

All in all, Wayward Souls is a fair yet difficult real-time procedural death labyrinth which is well worth its $4.99 price tag. RocketCat plans to raise the price by $1 every time they push a major update, so the earlier you get the game the better a deal it will be. Their first major update planned is the addition of another area to the game, and they are taking suggestions for features to add to the game as well. They have not announced when the game will come to Android or PC, but you can get it on iOS from the app store.

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