ludumdare29.pngYes, those who participated in a jam are the real winners, and so are those who completed a game, and so are those who, well, actually won. All the votes have been automatically tallied, and the Ludum Dare 29 48-hour compo winner is Managore's The Sun and Moon (pictured left), along with the 72-hour jam winner, _Rilem's Scuba Bear.

We highlighted exploration-collection platformer Scuba Bear in an earlier post, so I wanted to take the time to highlight the 48-hour winner by Daniel Linssen, which was made in only 50% of the compo's allotted time, using GameMaker: Studio, Photoshop CS6, FL Studio and Bfxr.

The Sun and Moon takes the "beneath the surface" theme to explore what happens when players can use the platforms they typically traverse. While inside the solid platforms, gravity is reversed, causing players to "fall" upwards. It may take a few tries to get used to, but going from failure to mastery of this new ability, and the momentum it builds, is a great part of the fun.

Daniel wrote in his Ludum Dare post that he will work on a post-compo version with many more levels and features, and now he will have a legion of dev-fans cheering him on to do so!

Hopefully everyone who received motivating and critical feedback takes their game a step further if they want to, such as Pond Tycoon or Super Surf Bros, which both just released on mobile, or the heaps of games that called their creators back to make post-competition versions. Those who don't want to, keep prototyping and jamming new games, and we'll keep playing!

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